Jazz Giants


Jazz Giants

Miles Davis
Stan Getz
Hank Mobley
Jimmy McGriff
Gino Vannelli
Eumir Deodato…

I’ve embarked myself on this project of Jazz Giants series in which I’ve been exploring different styles of Jazz covers, all inspired by the classic retro look of Blue Note and Mercury Records.

It’s very special for me to show my love for the classic art of Jazz covers, and the music from these amazing artists that brings so many hours of pleasure to me while I work in my studio.

I chose these artists in particular based on the birthdays and deaths on the day I that drew them. For sure it could have been hundreds of other musicians to portray. But this way, it’s been such a lively and fun experience to me.

I did all of these works while listening to their music, inspired by the same creative process that they often had while performing: they were improvised in just one or two hours, and with no retouching. Here, expression is more important than perfection.

On the other hand, it’s been a wonderful way for me to explore a system of work that, due to it’s speed and immediacy and thanks to technology and the long years that I’ve been drawing, it allows to work really fast. Which is good for you, musicians who are starting and don’t have a large budget for your album cover. It is possible to do something great, if you’re up to be flexible.

If this is your case and you like what you see, give me a shout and let me know about your project.