I’m a multi-creative artist, born in Madrid, Spain, in a Basque family. I moved to the USA in 2008. I’m located in Boise, ID, since 2018.

Most of of my works are oriented to the world of magic and awareness. The mystery of the cosmos, the sensuality of shapes, the sun, and the feminine energy are some of the subjects that have always been present in all of my works.


I’m a feminist and Women Empowerment supporter. With the generous collaboration of numerous women, I’ve been working since 2018 in the Starshine Goddess Oracle: a tool to reconnect with the primal feminine energy.


Along with Naomi Niles, I work at Alkemia Cosmetica. We produce magic makeup in our own lab.


As an album cover artist since late 80’s, I’ve had the pleasure of having been involved into numerous jazz, experimental, retro and progressive rock projects, which featured artists like:

  • King Crimson
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer
  • Chano Dominguez
  • Fairport Convention
  • No-Man
  • Thinking Plague

As a musician, I’ve been producing Cosmic Music (analog electronic) for the last few years.
My latest album is a compilation of live jam sessions originally recorded on video:
Cosmic Trips for a Starshine Goddess

I’ve been also involved in numerous projects related to Experimental, Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock and Electronic Music.


I have written several illustration books of magic realism, short stories, children stories and poetry, including:

  • Kooky Pets, 2010.
  • Glimpses From The Mummified Wood, 2012.

Boise, ID

Other things I’ve been involved in