Enlace Funk Flashback 1963


Enlace Funk Flashback 1963

Flashback is a collection of posters for the centerfold pages of Spanish magazine Enlace Funk. Through each issue we will revise the history of Funk music and culture, from 1963 onwards. The goal is to soak up the energy and cultural life of the moment, through the people, the most important events and the trends that shaped the Funk world. Of course, we will make special emphasis on the cultural movements of Afro culture in the USA.

1963 was the year in which:

  • The legendary James Brown “Live at the Apollo” album is released, a masterpiece of Soul music at the gates of Funk.
  • Martin Luther King says the famous phrase “I have a dream” in his historic speech on racial rights.
  • The anti-racist protests takes over the USA with the slogan “We Shall Overcome”. It’s the beginning of a new decade of African culture.
  • The first Spider Man comic is published. Pop culture and action enters the American homes.
  • You can hear young people say “Drop Dead Gorgeous” whenever a sexy girl shows up.
  • For the first time women can read magazines such as Jet and Ebony, dedicated to the African-American culture.
  • The first color pin-up models are in magazines.

It’s a pleasure for me to work with Enlace Funk’s team! My feet still keep moving after that unforgettable Groovin’ exhibition party, last March in Madrid.