I’m a Spanish artist and illustrator living in the USA since 2008. I’m a big  fan of fusion and retro music of all kinds and my passion is making album covers and posters inspired in the golden era of Jazz, Fusion and Electronic Music .

As a visual artist I’ve been making album covers since late 80’s and been involved myself into a bunch of crazy music projects with jazz, experimental, retro and prog cool cats, including artists from bands like King Crimson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Fairport Convention, No-Man, and Thinking Plague.

I’m a vintage vinyl hunter, I get the inspiration from all those grouse mid-century modern albums covers and record labels such as Command, Blue Note, Spinorama, Columbia, Liberty and Mercury.

I dig all the retro beats and:

  •  Jazz fusion
  • Flamenco & Latin fusion
  • Prog & experimental
  • Electronica & Space-Age

When it comes to creating album covers, I’m mostly interested in capturing the feeling and essence of the music.  My call is to take it to a simple visual image that the audience can feel in a glimpse of an eye.

As a musician, I’ve been involved in numerous projects related to Experimental, Jazz Fusion, Progressive and Electronic Music. You can listen to my tracks at Bandcamp.

If you are a musician / DJ into Jazz, Fusion & Flamenco music and you dig my work feel free to give me a shout and let’s do something bangin together!

Boise, ID

Other things I’ve been involved in